Mad Genius Radio


Imagine a music app that could read your mind and play what you wanted ...

This is the ONLY Real Intelligence-Enabled Personalized Playlist App in the World. The Mad Genius platform is built and ready to create a virtual pipeline to listeners tuned to their taste in music. This platform will tap into your 100 billion neurons to mine your unique subconscious connections to music that we all have thereby creating an infinite, never-the-same-twice playlist. This isn’t Machine Learning Correlation, like the others, which leads to repetitive, boring and predictable playlists.

Mad Genius Radio learns your eclectic ever-evolving taste in music – that’s Real Intelligence.

Thousands of Beta Test I listeners guided us creating Mad Genius Radio. Join them for the next Free Beta Test II – drop us an email:

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What the tech blogs had to say after a demo:

"Blends Some of the Best Features of Pandora and Spotify" -— Complex

"A Smarter Version of Old School Radio" -- TechCrunch

"The Scalpel to Pandora's Hatchet" -— Digital Trends

"Mad Genius Radio is What Pandora Should Be" -— Tech Co